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hey, hi, hello there, friend!!!

that's my favorite F word; "friend," aside from "fxck," if we're being honest.

I'm Tori, which you would know if we were already insta bffs! you can connect with me over there by clicking here (photo + film), here (ladies only boudoir), + here (my podcast!) I've also been an educator in my pre-free-lance-life, so photography education is something I'm super passionate about, + have spent time over the last five years building through retreat-style workshops.

in past testimonials about our experiences together, humans have used words like, "attentive," "flexible," "efficient," + "amazing," (their words, not mine!) my take on being invited into your life + favorite moments is that I'm honored. life only gives us certain moments in small doses, so to be asked + trusted to capture life-long-lasting stills for you, is such a gift to me, too.

I value quality of work above all else, + your ability to feel seen + validated in your truest, most, honest form is a very close second. with this said, I believe in taking the time necessary to create the highest quality art from your favorite experiences. we live in a world of dang-near-constant instant gratification around every corner. while I treasure new opportunities with new stories, I treasure the feelings that both you + I get when I can provide 150+ photo galleries that are seamlessly consistent, even more! that's what I hope will lead you to booking with me; there are lots of creatives in this age who can + will happily provide 24-hour, or same week, turnaround windows, but there are few who treasure your heart as the art.

if you're feelin' frisky, + you trust that my style of this art form sounds right up your alley, then let's step into my office! you can read all about our photo + film wedding packages, or the countless other in-person + virtual shoot experiences you have to choose from!

I'm so glad you stopped to read more about what's to offer here through t.e. + co.! I hope we're off to galavant or catch up together real soon!

xx, Tori




Tori has been capturing pieces of my life since 2015. my first experience with her was boudoir photo shoot that I scheduled after a failed relationship to boost my spirits. she did EXACTLY that! she was working out of her home at the time, and I wasn't sure what to expect but I have never felt so welcomed and cared about from a human who, at the time, did not know me.
FFWD: now it's 2024, and Tori has now also captured my wedding AND my intimate maternity photos. not only has she never faltered in making ME feel comfortable, but she has a magical way of bringing the entire atmosphere into a place of naturalness, peacefulness, and excitement.
Tori is abundantly professional, as she has photographed me naked or at least halfway THREE times and has never failed to provide the hype, encouragement and a full blown positivity. knowing that Tori will likely be capturing the moments my own personal life brings, such as milestones with my new baby, makes me incredibly grateful for her and her unwavering commitment to gripping every fiber of every sweet and special moment that life has to offer.


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