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read more about the different empowerment experiences I offer to be sure you're not missing out on any ways to love yourself a lil harder!! I also offer pandemic-friendly empowerment sessions virtually via FaceTime, so be sure to complete the correct contact form when you're ready to book!

we can dive into creating space for you to love YOU harder WHEREVER you feel called to do so, love!!! if you're wanting a private, stylish space, we can shoot your session in my in-home studio, or from the comfort of your own home (given that the natural lighting situation will work out!) or maybe you're wanting a bit more of mother nature's essence in your photos, + could use a bit of adventure, so you'd like to shoot your chosen empowerment session OUTDOORS! whichever you choose, I'm confident it'll be what's best for you, right where you're at in this exact moment on your journey through life. I have access to a bunch of gorgeous outdoor locations, + a few *mostly* private outdoor spots (for boudoir) that you can choose from based on your preferred vibe; I say *mostly,* because when we dive into an outdoor session, we can't REALLY guarantee 100% privacy all the time.

so which will it be, honey?





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