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we're just freakin' jazzed to have you here.

each new month + / or cause that is near to my heart will have a new clothing line release to parallel it!

drop four highlights the struggles + silver linings of seasonal depression + mental health;
welcome to club sad! <33

join founder, Tori, + model, Taylor, as the girls dive into the largest t.e. + co. release yet. enjoy the latest of t.e.threads from the beaches of Venice, FL, the home of so many of Tori's childhood summer memories.

picture this: you're heavy in your feels + in a valley of emotions, + you grab one of these bright pieces from club sad + are reminded of the warmth + freedom that comes with digging your toes into the sand + running wild + free like a child toward the ocean... we hope this brings you that!

the t.e. goal is to ensure you're always feeling your comfiest, + keeping reminders present to give yourself grace, stay centered, + kick today's ass!

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"club sad"

"thank you so much for coming up with this line. it's witty but still draws attention to the issue. thank you for helping speak for those of us who aren't strong enough to do it for ourselves yet.I can't wait to get my sweatshirt!"

feedback from the soul gang //

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