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virtual branding experience

45 min.



it's a post-pandemic era, + you're looking for new + convenient ways to liven up your brand + give your social media + web pages a fresh glimpse at your post-quarantine look; how do you capture effortlessly sleek + vibey photos from the comfort of your home?

we do it with virtual branding, baby!

I'm located in Illinois, but as long as you have an iphone + a quality wifi connection, we can shoot nearly ANYWHERE! I have experience capturing individual badassery for more personal projects, + unique brand imagery with women located in Ireland, Australia, Canada, Chile, LA, Miami, Texas + more! in a world we're less familiar with, I've got you! just think of me as your well-versed virtual guide <3

following your session, you can expect your digital edits in 60 days, as long as life is moving along on my end without any unforeseen circumstances! rushed galleries are available upon request.


I M P O R T A N T :

virtual sessions vary in quality, which is directly dependent on the series of iphone or android you have to complete our call on. if you're concerned about the quality of your camera, I highly recommend borrowing a friend's phone, if you have access, for the best quality photos possible.

a strong wifi connection or a high quality 5g connection that allows for consistently clear facetime calls is REQUIRED.

you feelin' confident, + ready to do the dang thing?!


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