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even in the midst of a global pandemic, nothing can stop us from celebrating you, your brand, or your love story amidst these wild times!

if you're looking for a new + non-conventional way to capture the energy + essence of this chapter of your life, while still maintaining a certain kind of space + privacy from the rest of the world, you've come to the right place!!! from details to help ya prep for your call, to the intricate + intentional direction I share with you during your shoot, you're sure to feel fulfilled + inspired by these virtual shots we're going to capture of you! + you never know, we might just hit it off so well that you feel inclined to fly me out for an in-person sesh one day!


I M P O R T A N T :

virtual sessions vary in quality, which is directly dependent on the type of iphone you have to complete our call on. I highly recommend borrowing a friend's iphone if you're an android or samsung user, as the iphone to iphone facetime calls are what allow us to capture the best virtual photos of you! a strong wifi connection or a high quality 5g connection that allows for consistently clear facetime calls is REQUIRED.

so which will it be, honey?




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