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baseline prices available | four, six or eight hours only


starting at $2,000



first of all, I am SO stoked for you. second of all, I'm HONORED that you've landed yourself here at my bookings page. I know you've already gotten a taste of my feelsy self from the rest of my website, so I don't want to waste anymore of your time! let's get down to it!


it's important to reiterate that I'm not the photographer for everyone, so to ensure that we're a good match before we book anything, I'll want to chat via email to set up a lil date with you + your honey, either on facetime or out lunch/dinner locally!!! our meet-up will allow us to get to know each other, talk about your vision + plans for your wedding day, discuss any potential package add-ons you'd like to include, + answer any questions that have come up!


my services are an investment, + in my opinion, your wedding photography SHOULD be! of the countless vendors you'll look through + work with, your choice of a photographer is one that lasts longggg after your wedding day. this magic we're talking about creating here isn't just for you two... it's for your kids + your grandkids who will sit on your lap one day, thumbing through them while you relive each of your favorite moments I've captured.


each of my wedding experiences are tailored to my couples individually, to make sure no one gets stuck paying for fees that don't pertain to them + their day. because of this, I've included my baseline prices for six + eight hours below, along with a preview of what's included!



four hours | $2,000

six hours | $3,200

eight hours | $3,700

each six + eight hour wedding experience includes:

- EXCLUSIVE access to my 2024 bridal guide (coming soon!)

- COMPLIMENTARY "just married" session to soak up EACH OTHER during one of the most magical times of your lives together

- $75 off your engagement session

- 20% off bride's choice *chat with me*

- consultation via phone or videochat to design your wedding timeline together + plan allll the things you need!

- access to the start of your online digital gallery within 90 days - and so much more!

you feelin' confident, + ready to do the dang thing?!


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