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capture your true


hey there, honey!

YOU MADE IT!!! + I'm so happy you did, cause it's about to get real in here, in the most soulful kinda way.

P R E P A R E  F O R  L A U N C H:

on August 2, 3 + 4 of 2024, you're invited to my FOURTH (holy crap, I can't believe that!!!) photography workshop, Capture Your True: Workshop IV

this two-day, two-night workshop experience is packed FULL with photography-driven instruction + hands-on shooting guidance, intentionally + strategically curated styled shoots with versatility for your growing portfolio (read more below), + a weekend with other photographers to help you push yourself to new heights, expand on your knowledge + gain even more resources as you grow!


- August 2, 3, + 4, 2024

- La Salle, Illinois


- pay initial payment at launch, + balance on July 2, 2024

- pay in 4 installments // initial payment due at launch, + 5 payments due in April, May, June, July + August


- two-night stay in a STUNNING 122 year old Folk Victorian home in La Salle, IL

- four sit-down meals together: dinner | day two, breakfast | day two and three, lunch | day two

- 15+ total hours of personalized instruction, hands-on camera + session guidance, + time for all the Qs to fill in the blanks

- 5+ hours of intimate education, varying from efficiency with your camera's manual mode, shooting + creating specific to YOUR why, connecting with clients, your presence + transparency in marketing, social media, + other industry professionals, editing, social media insights + so much more!!!

- 4+ hours of hands-on shooting + portfolio building alongside Tori + other industry professionals

- professional headshots by yours truly (Tori of Tori Elizabeth + Company) to help you show off that beautiful energy to your clients, new + old!!!

I can't wait to see you there, sug!!!

xx, Tori

designed to immerse, inspire, + connect soul-driven photographers like you with hands-on education + styled shoots!
I'm ready to apply!
I M P O R T A N T : 
the following link will take you to the google form application. this application submission will hold your place in line for TWO HOURS while you decide if you'd like to follow through with your payment or deposit to secure your seat! after two hours, if your deposit is not paid or scheduled to be paid, your seat will go to the next application received!
please email me with any questions |
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