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hey friend

CONGRATULATIONS, BABYYYYY!!! whether you've dreamt of this chapter your entire life, or you're a low key gal who just can't wait to marry her bride or groom, I am honestly SQUEALING with excitement for you, because as soon as I know someone's experiencing such pure + exciting moments, I can't contain my happiness for them.

what a freaking GIFT it is to have you here on this page while you explore your endless options for photographing your wedding journey. i know you have SO many options when it comes to choosing vendors that will make the never-ending-journey that is wedding planning more of a breeze than anything!!!


I can't wait to get to know you better, + we'll talk so much more after you've had the chance to browse through the details of my wedding experience, + have submitted the wedding contact form! both of these bad boys can be found on my investments page, + they're the first two steps of moving this love train on up to the next level.


to be able to entangle myself in the midst of some of your greatest memories is seriously more special to me than I could ever explain. my love affair for photography stems from my deep appreciation for raw emotion, + my major gushiness for chemistry between beautiful humans, so coming alongside you as you plan + execute this super special day is quite literally a dream. come. true.

go ahead + scoot your boooty on over to my investments page, + I'll meet ya on the other side of my wedding contact form submission link :)

we'll talk soon!

xx, Tori

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